Lawrence Talbot / The Wolfman
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Lawrence Talbot / The Wolfman

The Wolfman

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About Him

Grew Up... the son of a knighted hunter and a gypsy woman in a racist village in Blackmoor. He grew up close to his mother and brother, but somewhat distant to his father. When Lawrence was in his pre-teens, he witnessed his father holding the self-mutilated body of his mother. Psychologically and emotionally devastated by the shocking tragedy of his mother's suicide, he was sent to a sadistic asylum in London for a year, and then to his aunt in America.

Living... traveling the world as an celebrity actor until he is called back home by his brother Ben’s fiancée, Gwen, after Ben has been missing for a month. When Lawrence returns home to investigate, he finds that his brother has been torn to pieces and left in a ditch near the road. Driven by guilt for not being there for Ben, yearning for the love and respect of his estranged father, and out of loyalty (and repressed love) for his brother's fiancée Gwen, Lawrence sets out to find his brother's killer. He discovers the culprit is a werewolf. The werewolf ends up biting Lawrence, thus bestowing upon him a nightmarish and horrifying fate worse than death itself.

Profession... master Shakespearean actor. Lawrence is known around America as well as the whole United Kingdom for his performances, especially for tortured characters who struggle with mental illness. For Lawrence, acting isn’t just a career that he’s exceptionally good at, but a way to avoid dealing with his real-life demons by acting out imaginary ones.

Interests... acting, conversing with others; the smaller, quieter, calmer moments of life. Even after being bitten, Lawrence still finds time to engage in playful activities like skipping rocks with Gwen.

Relationship Status... complicated. Gwen was engaged to Lawrence’s recently murdered brother, so he knows that propriety demands he keep his distance, at least for a respectful period of time. But soon neither can deny their growing attraction.

Challenge... controlling the beast within. Lawrence is horrified at the prospect of mauling innocent people under the light of the full moon, and mortified at the prospect of putting his beloved Gwen in danger. The existence of a cure is unknown, but with matters growing more passionate between Lawrence and Gwen, he is fighting against time to find something to end his affliction.

Personality... awkward and hot-tempered, but loving. Lawrence is driven by his emotions, whether that means physically engaging racist villagers slandering his mother or pouring out his heart to Gwen in a moment of emotional crisis. Lawrence is selfless in his love for Gwen, sending her away despite the happiness she brings him in order to protect her, but also quite stubborn. He's perfectly fine with doing dangerous, life-threatening things when driven by emotion.

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