Laverne DeFazio
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Laverne DeFazio

Laverne & Shirley

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About Her

Living… in Milwaukee with her seemingly eternal roommate Shirley Feeney in a basement apartment on Knapp Street. Their best friends in the building were Lenny and Squiggy who lived directly above the pair. They would communicate with their neighbors by screaming up the dumbwaiter shaft connecting the two apartments.

Profession… bottle capper at Shotz Brewery with her roommate Shirley. Laverne’s tough personality gets her through the unforgiving and dangerous factory labor. Unfortunately, she’s been severely injured on the job several times.

Interests... quirky and trivial. Laverne is a fan of the TV show Sea Hunt and enjoys 3D monster movies, particularly The Bride of Bwana Devil. She enjoys making her own odd concoctions, like her favorite mixture of milk and Pepsi. She enjoys poodle skirts as well as monogramming the letter “L,” her trademark, on all of her shirts and sweaters. She’s also an expert bowler, having been taught by her father when she was a child.

Relationship Status... unlucky in love. Things haven’t been the same since Lavern lost her fiancé Randy Carpenter in a tragic accident. Since then, Laverne has dated a ladies man named “the Fonz” and even went on a date with an alien named Mork. Mainly, she likes to date tough guys of the “Purple Fiends” gang or go down to the dock and pick up sailors with her neighbor Mrs. Colchek.

Challenge… overcoming society’s stigmas and limitations set on women like her. “It just doesn't seem fair,” she says. “A guy with a reputation is a hero. A girl with a reputation is a bimbo.”

Personality… tough-talking tomboy. Laverne is definitely the cynic in comparison to the sweet-natured Shirley Feeney. Yet despite her cynicism, she can be quite sensitive and easily hurt by others. She’s unapologetic about her personality and refuses to conform to society’s standards of what it means to be a lady.

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