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About Her

Grew Up... as the child of two Minutemen members, Silk Specter and The Comedian.

Living... alone in her apartment with the exception of her pet owl.

Profession... FBI Agent. Specifically, Laurie is part of the Anti-Vigilante taskforce that arrests vigilantes. She actively disdains those who decide to take on the profession and aims to stop them at all costs.

Interests... leaving voicemails for Dr. Manhattan in Lady Trieu's phone booths, telling long-winded jokes, and messing with Looking Glass.

Relationship Status... single. However, she pines for Dr. Manhattan, whom she was once romantically involved with, which is evidenced by the decor of her home, the numerous voicemails she leaves, and the “unique” Dr. Manhattan memorabilia she owns.

Challenge... coming to Tulsa and figuring out who killed the Tulsa police chief, Judd Crawford. She takes temporary charge of the police department in order to do so.

Personality... irreverent, entertainingly difficult, and extremely smart. Laurie calls Looking Glass "Mirror Guy" because of his reflective disguise and uses the surface of his mask to pick at something in her teeth. She also cleverly deduces that Angela is hiding something about Judd's murder. Laurie is also extremely good at reading people. She correctly susses out that Looking Glass' incognito outfit suggests that he suffers from paranoia and that Angela is hiding some trauma with her mask.

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