Laurence "Shrevie" Schreiber
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Laurence "Shrevie" Schreiber


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About Him

Overview… an electronics salesman who appears to have matured a bit faster than the rest of his friends. Shrevie has a wife and a house in suburban Baltimore. In order to keep himself occupied, he takes solace in his vast record collection, which he keeps meticulously organized. One gets the feeling, however, that his marriage to Beth isn’t really going as well as he’d expected it would. As he says to his friend Eddie: “Beth is terrific and everything, but… Jesus, I don’t know…”

Personality… unhappy, misunderstood, and disillusioned. Shrevie, by his own admission, can’t hold a five-minute conversation with his wife. The woman who he married is no longer a seductive mystery. Despite being only in his early 20s, he is already longing for his youth.

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