Lauren Scott
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Lauren Scott

This Means War

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About Her

Living… in Los Angeles, where she moved to follow her boyfriend at the time. That relationship ended bitterly. But since Lauren has a job that pays well enough to afford a huge L.A. apartment, she decided to stay.

Profession… executive at Smart Consumer, a product-testing firm. Lauren is a great boss. Her employees like her, and she enjoys her job.

Interests… sushi. She goes out for sushi by herself so often that the sushi guys know her as “Sushi For One.”

Relationship Status… torn between two different guys. After her friend Trish signs her up for a dating site, she reluctantly agrees to go on a date with romantic and sweet Tuck. The date goes surprisingly well. And immediately afterwards, Lauren meets FDR, a womanizing but charming and handsome guy. Now Lauren has two guys to pick from instead of none.

Challenge… deciding between dating FDR and Tuck. After being single for so long, she’s suddenly got too many guys to handle. Unfortunately, the two men aren’t as up front about their lives as Lauren thinks they are, and the situation may be more complicated than it appears.

Personality… smart and kind but a bit bumbling. Lauren also has a tendency to stick her foot in her mouth, as she demonstrates when she runs into her ex-boyfriend for the first time since he got engaged to someone else. 

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