Laura Ingalls
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Laura Ingalls

Little House on the Prairie

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About Her

Grew Up... independent and daring. As a girl raised on the American frontier, Laura might not have the education of her city-raised peers, but she's a lot more self-sufficient and tough than they are.

Living... with her family, wherever fortune and her father's wanderings may take them. From log cabins to dugouts, Laura spends the majority of her childhood moving around. Eventually, the Ingalls settle down in South Dakota, but not before Laura makes quite a few friends along the way – and more than a few enemies.

Profession... frontier girl. In addition to her schoolwork, Laura assists her family with many chores around the farm.

Interests... horses, the outdoors, and adventure. Despite being born in the 19th Century, Laura's interests tend more toward racing boys than embroidery and cooking. 

Relationship Status... single, and glad for it. As a child, Laura might have a few crushes on her classmates, but she still has a child's thoughts on romance – namely, that "life sure is a lot easier when you don't like boys!" As an adolescent, Laura's attitude doesn't change too quickly, but she does eventually attract the interest of Almanzo Wilder.

Challenge... surviving on the frontier while dealing with the usual terrors of growing into adulthood. Laura must not only navigate bullies and boys (or bullying boys), but also scarlet fever, locusts, and natural disasters.

Personality... adventurous, athletic, and plucky. Not quite as ladylike as her sisters or mother, Laura often struggles with her inability to fit into societal standards. While she never truly grows out of her tomboyish streak, Laura slowly blossoms into a young woman unashamed of who she is or where she came from. When bully Nellie Olsen tries to ridicule her, Laura tells her, "Hard-working folks only smell bad to people who have nothing better to do than stick their noses in the air!"

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