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Latka Gravas


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About Him

Grew Up... somewhere in Eastern Europe. Latka made a brief return to his home country when he got wind of their revolution. He hoped to join the ranks of the rebels. Tales of Latka’s home country bewilder and amuse his co-workers. To wit: “As they say in my country, the only thing that separates us from the animals are mindless superstition and pointless ritual.” (Trust us, it sounds a lot funnier in Latka’s crazy accent.)

Living… in New York City. Latka looks at his new home country with wide-eyed wonder, often misunderstanding American culture. He once accidentally signed a lease for a luxurious penthouse completely out of his price range, giving his co-workers the month of their lives as they basically moved in.

Profession… mechanic at Sunshine Cab Company. Latka is frequently frustrated by the poor state of the company cabs, as well as the drivers’ neglect of their vehicles. He quits often, always returning to work immediately thereafter. By all accounts, he is qualified to do little else.

Interests… cookies. His interest in America spurred the enterprising spirit within him when he inherited his grandmother’s cookie recipe. Latka was sure they would be a worldwide success – after all, they were literally addictive thanks to a narcotic ingredient.

Relationship Status… married to Simka. It’s his second marriage, after he married a call girl in order to avoid deportation. His initial courtship with Simka, who is also from his home country, was rocky. It was after they broke up the first time that his alter-ego, the slick Vic Ferrari, was born. That got her attention too well – she actually started preferring Vic to Latka himself.

Challenge… keeping his head straight. Latka suffers from multiple personality disorder, causing him to change into anything from a foul-mouthed comedian to a smooth-talking ladies’ man. He’s even transformed into his co-worker Alex. When he’s Latka, his biggest challenge is assimilating to the ways of American culture.

Personality… eccentric and lovable. Latka takes some of the worst of his boss Louie’s verbal takedowns in stride and generally lightens the mood of the garage. He is a point of mutual sympathy for all of the drivers. As a recent immigrant, he has problems that none of them have to worry about. But Latka is determined to assimilate into “an American fun guy taking each day in high gear.”

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