Larry Sportello
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Larry Sportello

Inherent Vice

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Overview… livingin a not-unpleasant haze. A middle-aged hippie bachelor who makes his living as a private investigator, Larry “Doc” Sportello resides in a charmingly run-down beach house in Gordita Beach, California. His latest case, investigating a plot to kidnap a prominent real estate developer, takes him deep down the rabbit hole. Doc must summon all of his courage and guile if he wishes to unravel the case and escape unscathed. Not so different from solving the mystery of life, really.

Personality… affable, low-energy, and casual. Doc is the type for whom the phrase “What it is, my brother?” rolls effortlessly off the tongue. Though he is a capable detective, Doc has many unconventional methods, most notably smoking weed on the job. He seems to consider it a big part of the job, in fact. He is a methodical worker, a thoughtful listener, and someone who is never looking too far ahead. Doc somehow blends the pursuit of justice with the philosophy that nothing has any intrinsic value. As his friend Sortilège says: “He may not be a do-gooder, but he’s done good.”

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