Larry Rhodes
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Larry Rhodes

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About Him

Grew up... without a father who left him when he was very young. His mother wasn't around much because she was involved in various affairs. Larry had a lot of "uncles" who would stay with his mom and him. As he says, there wasn't a town in Arkansas or Missouri I didn't have an uncle in.

Living... in New York City­ – a long way from his jail cell in Pickett, Arkansas. While Larry in jail entertaining the other inmates, he was discovered by talent scouts. They arranged for him to have his own radio program, and it was so successful he now has his own TV show. He’s become a media sensation.

Profession... TV host. The show’s sponsor is a pharmaceutical company that is launching a new product called Vitajex, an energy supplement which he says can improve men’s sexual performance. Larry is charismatic and a natural salesman, so sales are going well. As he says, "I could take chicken fertilizer and sell it to my audience as caviar. I could make them eat dog food, and they would think it was steak."

Interests... drinking since he was about 10. His mom was pretty strict, not letting him start drinking until then.

Relationship Status... a disaster. He has gotten cozy with a beautiful 17-year-old drum major, but his ex wife has just shown up in New York City. She's going to write a book exposing his past unless he gives her $3,000 a month. She just can't get over the time when she caught him with her best girlfriend. 

Challenge... power. Larry is already a huge star, but he has even bigger aspirations for power. His next project is Washington, DC.  

Personality... power-hungry, egomaniacal, crass, manipulative, and dishonest. He has gotten away with those traits because he is also very entertaining and funny. But will his schemes catch up with him? 

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