Larry Daley
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Larry Daley

Night at the Museum

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About Him

Living… day to day in Brooklyn. Larry experiences a wake-up call when he gets another eviction notice for his apartment.

Profession… in flux. After all of his entrepreneurial interests fall through, Larry is desperate to find a job that will pay the bills and convince his ex-wife that he is responsible enough to look after his son, Nick. After meeting with a temp agency, he takes a position as a night guard at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.

Interests… spending time with his son. Larry enjoys hockey, and shares that interest with Nick. When his ex-wife’s new boyfriend impresses Nick with his fancy bond-trading job, Larry decides to dedicate more time to his own job. Larry soon finds that spending his free time brushing up on history is incredibly useful.

Relationship Status… divorced. Larry lacks confidence and typically doesn’t pursue anyone, fearing that they are all out of his league.

Challenge… keeping everything under control. Larry’s position as a night guard involves a lot more work than he initially planned on. As he puts it: “I’m dealing with the most ridiculous job in history!” In spite of this, Larry tries to keep the job in order to impress Nick. In the museum, where history comes to life in more ways than one, staying on top of his responsibilities can be a tall order. Having reanimated historical figures running around every night can lead to mayhem, and then there's that pesky monkey...

Personality… a big dreamer with bad luck. Larry hasn’t had the success in life that he hoped for, and it's taken a lot out of him and really hurt his self-confidence. Personable and witty, he generally connects well with people, but has a hard time keeping track of the little details that keep day-to-day life going. This unique job (well, that's an understatement) could be just what he needs to prove to himself and others that he can truly rise to the occasion.

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