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About Him

Living… in Japan, as of recently. After Largo went on a drunken rampage at the E3 convention (the Electronic Entertainment Expo), his best friend Piro booked them both a flight to Tokyo. Largo only returned to full consciousness when they were already over the ocean. Now they’re staying with a friend of Piro’s – at least until his patience wears out.

Profession… none, exactly, unless you count causing disasters. Yet Largo doesn’t usually have a problem acquiring the basic life necessities, partially because of his ingenuity, partially because he has little interest in “should” or “shouldn’t.” For instance, maxing out one’s credit cards with no intention to pay them back, or even posing as a high school teacher.

Interests… building stuff, gaming, and beer. Largo is a nerd, but not the shy kind. He will loudly proclaim his ability to battle any kind of evil – and since he seems to be partially delusional, he will actually follow through with that battle. When he’s relaxing, he enjoys building computers out of garbage. In his underwear. With beer as coolant.

Relationship Status… single. Since he’s almost willfully ignorant of the rules of normal society, that’s not surprising. What is surprising is that Piro’s coworker, the beautiful and no-nonsense Erika, seems to have taken an interest in him.

Challenge… dealing ordinary life, or dealing with the bizarre. Really, it depends on who you ask. If you asked Piro, he would probably say that Largo’s biggest challenge is surviving normal society and not getting deported. If you asked Largo, he might talk about the giant undead horde that he believes is descending on Tokyo. He did run into Godzilla, so perhaps he’s onto something.

Personality… energetic, aggressive, and impulsive. The jury’s out on whether Largo’s a mad genius or just mad, but he does get himself into no end of trouble. Yet he never seems to regret it. He always bounces back with another strange scheme – and it might turn out that the way he sees things might be closer to the truth than anyone suspected.

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