Lara Croft

Lara Croft

    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in Wimbledon, London. Lara resided in Croft Manor with her wealthy, aristocratic parents Lady Amelia Croft and Lord Croft. She was afforded every advantage as a young woman, and received private tutoring before attending boarding and finishing schools.

Living… in Croft Manor. Lara inherited her parents’ estate after their strange disappearances. But don’t count on her staying in one place too long; Lara gets antsy if she’s not traveling the world or spelunking through caves. She was never one for British upper-class aristocracy, much to the shame of her parents.

Visiting… the island of Yamtai, a fabled land in the mysterious Dragon Triangle that hosted an ancient and fascinating cult. Lara is here for research, but when her team’s ship is destroyed by a storm, they find themselves struggling to survive on an island that is inhabited by a violent, sun-worshipping cult known as the Solarii Brotherhood.

Profession… archeologist and tomb raider. Lara is an adventurous archeologist who specializes in digging through the most dangerous and ancient secret ruins of the world.

Interests… archeology, ancient history, horseback riding, archery, and rock climbing. Lara loves anything that lets her test her athleticism as well as her intellectual capabilities. As she puts it, “I do my best thinking plunging off cliffs.”

Relationship Status… single. Lara’s commitment to exploration and archaeology doesn’t leave her with a lot of time to pursue a relationship. She’s so fiercely independent that a boyfriend would likely only slow her down.

Challenge… uncovering the secrets of Yamtai Island and surviving in one piece. While Lara is initially skeptical of the mystical legends that surround the island, she’s about to be confronted with startling evidence of the supernatural power of the relics she’s determined to study. With the stakes of her mission elevated from academic satisfaction to survival, Lara will have to adapt to her harsh new environment and take her first steps towards becoming a legendary tomb raider.

Personality… intelligent, strong, fearless, and independent. Despite her pampered background, Lara is tough as nails, and displays an almost unmatched will to live. She thrives when she’s alone and adventuring, though these tendencies do often put her at serious risk. She’s still young, although her experiences on Yamtai seem poised to harden her – transforming the innocent and academically-minded Lara into one of the world’s premier warriors and archaeologists.


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