Lara Antipov
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Lara Antipov

Doctor Zhivago

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About Her

Grew Up… in a poor Russian townwith her mother. Lara was obedient and a good student when she was younger. But everything changed when she was sixteen and was seduced by her mother’s boyfriend, Viktor Komarovsky. Lara was so bitter about being taken advantage of that she went after Victor with a gun, but her shot missed him. All charges against Lara were eventually dropped.

Living… with her husband, Pasha, and daughter until World War I broke out. Pasha is a well-regarded Bolshevik commander, but unfortunately he has been reported missing and presumed dead. Determined to find him, Lara is working as a battlefield nurse to find him herself.

Profession… nurse. The job is intense; Lara has seen so much blood and death. The only saving grace about it is the doctor she works with named Yuri Zhivago.  Not only is he a capable doctor, but he is also an incredible poet. And in some ways Lara becomes his muse, inspiring him to write new poetry about her.

Relationship Status… madly in love with Yuri. The two fall in love during the February Revolution as the pair ran a field hospital together. But their love is tempered by the hard reality that they are both married and in danger.

Challenge… staying alive amidst all the Revolutions, factions, and fighting in early twentieth century Russia as it turns to Communism. Because her husband Pasha is a Bolveshik leader, she's always living under the threat of being killed.

Personality… strong willed, romantic, and adventurous. Although Lara hasn’t had the easiest life and can be confused and depressed at times, she remains bold and determined. The passion she has for the men in her life is as strong as the passion she has for life itself. 

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