Laney Boggs
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Laney Boggs

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About Her

Grew Up… as an outsider. Laney has always been a loner. Even in high school, she’s had to rely on her younger brother for friendship.

Living… in the lower levels of her Southern California high school’s social hierarchy. Laney is seen as a geek: bad glasses, clumsy and generally uncool.

Profession… aspiring artist. Laney likes to frequent the local theaters and clubs where her neighborhood’s artistic community can be found.

Relationship Status… pursued by the most popular boy in school, Zack Siler. Laney can’t figure out what interest the handsome, sporty Zack could have in an introvert like her. As she tells him: “I feel just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. You know, except for the whole hooker thing.”

Challenge… letting herself out of her shell. The shy Laney isn’t used to all the attention that Zack has been giving her. She can’t help but feel suspicious of Zack’s sudden attention. She suspects that he has a nefarious motive.

Personality… shy, nerdy and artistic. Laney has spent most of her adolescence hiding from the world, but now that she’s accepted by the popular kids at school, she’s beginning to see a whole new side to life.

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