Lane Pryce
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Lane Pryce

Mad Men

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About Him

Grew Up… in a strict household in London. We don’t know much about Lane’s mother, but his father was certainly cruel. He has a brother, who Lane’s wife hints is gay. Lane did his part in WWII as a supply assistant in Scotland, though he claims to have volunteered for combat on numerous occasions.

Living… a long way from the Sceptered Isle. Lane lives alone in Manhattan minus his son and wife, who are reluctant to join him in New York. He misses some parts of English culture, but can’t stand British expatriatism. As he tells his wife Rebecca, “I hate this business of bringing England over in pieces. It’s strictly for the homesick!”

Profession… working for Puttnam, Powell, and Lowe. After PPL purchases Sterling Cooper Advertising Agency, Lane is sent to New York as a financial officer. Lane’s work at Sterling Cooper begins much like a commissioner in a Commonwealth protectorate: his help at the American branch is always with a view to feeding the parent company. However, as Lane becomes part of the American company his sympathies and loyalties begin to shift. He is strict with the company budget and often fights a losing battle against the excesses of the people he works with. His bookkeeping skills and tireless effort make him very good at his job, but doesn’t win him many favors with his colleagues.

Interests… caring for his family and keeping the company above water. Lane seems to play the role of caretaker and overseer in both his domestic and his work lives. Lane is fastidious and businesslike, though he does know how to cut loose every once in a while.

Relationship Status… married to Rebecca Pryce, a cold, somewhat demanding woman. She lives in London with their son, and communicates with him regularly by telephone. Lane is devoted to Rebecca, but shows that his mind can wander. He is henpecked, and feels an enormous amount of duty to family.

Challenge… holding onto the company’s credit line, while seemingly everyone attempts to abuse it. Yet his work keeping the company solvent doesn’t reward Lane very well, financially. He goes without bonuses or a raise, and he struggles to keep his son in his pricy boarding school in London. On a grander scale, Lane’s challenge is not simply to respond to these pressures but to rise above them.

Personality… a real gentleman, or as he might prefer it, “a decent chap.” Lane has a tremendous sense of honor, and expects to receive the sort of treatment he gives out. He’s courteous, dignified, and funny, if only in his own half-intentional way. Lane is kind-hearted but struggles with issues of self-worth. As he tells his wife, “It’s only a matter of time before they find out I’m a sham.”

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