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About Him

Living... on Earth. Lance is a citizen of the world. Along with his partner Bill Rizer, he gets sent all over the globe protecting it from those seeking to harm us. 

Profession... military commando. Lance is a highly trained, and very well-armed, guerilla military “Contra” commando fighting in the most dangerous war zones, battlefields, and even sites of alien invasions.

Interests… finding the truth. Compared to his comrades, Lance is a lot more suspicious of his superiors, the Triumvirate organization. So he likes to snoop around searching for potential government cover-ups surrounding these frequent alien invasions. However, this sometimes lands him in very big trouble.

Relationship Status... single. Due to his dangerous lifestyle, Lance’s partner Bill is the biggest constant in his life, and even that has faced some schisms. 

Challenge... defeating Red Falcon. When the mysterious forces of Red Falcon attack Earth, some believe them to be just simple terrorists. However, once it is revealed that they are extremely powerful extra-terrestrials bent on world domination, Lance and Bill’s struggle becomes that much tougher.

Personality... scorpion. Compared to Bill, Lance is more youthful, scrappier, and more hotheaded. He has a slightly more villainous edge as well. Perhaps this is why some people call him the “Scorpion.” However, this means their fighting styles complement each other nicely in the battle against the alien threat.

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