Lan Wangji

Lan Wangji

The Untamed

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About Him

Grew up… in the orderly, solemn Gusu Lan clan. Along with his brother, Lan Wangji gained an excellent reputation as one of the “Two Jades of Lan.” However, Lan Wangji rarely saw his parents, and grew up sheltered and withdrawn.
Profession… a cultivator, someone who uses their spiritual energy to magical effects, often to fight demons, spirits, and other malicious influences. Lan Wangji is very skilled, though he often uses his signature technique to shut up other humans who are annoying him.

Interests… studying and music, although the latter counts as the former since Lan Wangji is able to use his musical ability in his cultivation techniques. In fact, he seems to have little attachment to the material world, and sometimes is naïve about the things normal people spend time doing.

Relationship Status… single. He is drawn to fellow cultivator Wei Wuxian—although it might be more appropriate to say that Wei Wuxian just won’t leave him alone.

Challenge… protecting his family secret from people who would use it to gain power. However, Lan Wangji is hampered in this by a desire to follow the rules, and difficulty communicating with other people.

Personality… moral, honest, and introverted. Lan Wangji possesses a true desire to follow the right path, and supresses his emotions in order to do so. Oftentimes, he appears completely emotionless. But like any other person, he does have feelings, and occasionally they slip out—he sometimes finds it difficult to hide his irritation, jealousy, and embarrassment, especially from those who know him best.

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