Lafayette Reynolds
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Lafayette Reynolds

True Blood

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About Him

Grew Up… in Bon Temps, Louisiana with his mother, Ruby Jean. Not much is known about Lafayette’s childhood. He is the cousin of Tara Thornton, Sookie Stackhouse’s best friend. Like Sookie, he possesses supernatural abilities: He is a medium and has a connection with the afterlife. His family has a history of magical powers, going all the way back to his great-great grandmother. 

Living… after coming out as gay, his mother kicked him out of the family home. He currently lives on his own in a house on the outskirts of Bon Temps. Here he enjoys his alone time taking hot bubble baths and smoking pot. Though he entertains many guests, he’s rarely happy when someone knocks on his door because it usually means trouble.

Profession… fry cook at Merlotte’s by day, “seller” by night. Lafayette is one of the few employees at Merlotte’s that takes his job seriously. Unlike Sookie and some of the other wait staff, Lafayette is behind the counter every day on time ready to cook, something he loves to do and does well. As for his “selling,” Jason Stackhouse once said that Lafayette sells everything and anything. From Vicodin and pot to web pornography to his own body, Lafayette is known for the illicit nighttime activities he performs for extra cash.

Interests… doing drugs and partying, as well as enjoying his alone time. Lafayette is mostly concerned with staying out of trouble; however, like Sookie, trouble always seems to find him. Unlike Sookie, Lafayette feels like he doesn’t go looking for trouble and actually tries his hardest to avoid any situation that might lead to the endangerment of his wellbeing. 

Relationship Status… single and loving it. Because there aren’t many openly gay men in Bon Temps, Lafayette is perfectly fine spending all his time by himself or with the people that he loves, so long as none of it involves trouble. As for the closeted gay men, Lafayette sometimes operates as a prostitute for extra cash.

Challenge… staying out of trouble. In a perfect world, he would be able to wake up, smoke pot, go to work, make money, sell some drugs, prostitute himself, take hot bubble baths, have some sex, party and spend time with his friends all without any trouble—supernatural or otherwise. 

Personality… flamboyant and sassy. Lafayette doesn’t take anyone’s shit, and does whatever he wants. Though he cares about himself and his own wellbeing most, he truly has a heart of gold and hates to see anyone else in danger (mostly because he’ll put himself in danger to save someone else). He has a dry and often dark sense of humor, and can be very suspicious of others. Because he enjoys wearing make up and lots of jewelry, he is often taunted by the tougher rednecks in town, but they are typically surprised when they find out he can hold his own, both with stinging verbal retorts and his own two fists. 

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