Lady Bracknell
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Lady Bracknell

The Importance of Being Earnest

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About Her

Grew Up… not nearly as well-off as she is now. However, Augusta was an attractive young woman, and while working as a dancer at a private club, she met the wealthy Lord Bracknell. After having a child with the Lord and marrying him – apparently in that order – Lady Bracknell rose considerably in society.
Living… with Lord Bracknell at their country manor. Somewhat of a busybody, Lady Brackness spends a good deal of time going from place to place and can be found in London as often as she can be spotted in the country.

Profession… fulfilling her duties as a lady. Currently, she is vetting suitors for her daughter, Gwendolen, a job which she takes very seriously. However, her criteria can be rather...odd. Take employment, for example. When Jack Worthing nervously admits that he smoke, Lady Bracknell gravely tells him, “I’m glad to hear it. A man should always have an occupation of some kind.”

Interests… going to tea, visiting friends, and ensuring the wellbeing of her family. A woman of high society and fashion, Lady Bracknell is extremely proud of her current status. Speaking to her nephew, Algy Moncrieff, Lady Bracknell advises him “never speak disrespectfully of society, Algernon. Only people who can’t get into it do that.” A strong-minded woman, she considers herself an unassailable authority on taste and morality, and often enjoys passing on her wisdom to others.

Relationship Status… married to Lord Bracknell. Though she had no fortune of any kind when she met Lord Bracknell, Lady Bracknell seems to have forgotten her own origins when it comes to her daughter's suitors.

Challenge… finding a suitable husband for her daughter. However, her own high standards have made Lady Bracknell's job very difficult. In this, perhaps, she would benefit from remembering the role of love in her own relationship with Lord Bracknell.

Personality… grave, classist, and proud. Though she can be pretentious and conceited, Lady Bracknell is – above all – strong-willed. She is deeply committed to finding the right husband for her daughter.

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