Lacus Clyne

Lacus Clyne

Mobile Suit Gundam Series

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About Her

Grew Up... in the space colonies known as PLANTs. Lacus’s father is the Supreme Council Chairman for the PLANTs government, and Lacus has been exposed to the public eye and politics from a young age.

Living... in a time of crisis and war. Lacus, along with most people living in the PLANTs, is a genetically modified human known as a “Coordinator.” Recently, distrust between Coordinators and the “Naturals” on earth has turned into war. The PLANT’s military organization, ZAFT, has become increasingly anti-Natural. They desire revenge for anti-Coordinator terrorist attacks, which leaves Lacus and her father in an increasingly small anti-war moderate party.

Profession... singing idol to the public, surprisingly brilliant politician behind the scenes. Lacus is probably the most famous singer in all of the PLANTs, and uses this fame to get things done. She even uses her popularity to stop battles, directly ordering ZAFT members to “stop your combat operations at once.”

Interests... singing, dancing, and doing the right thing. Lacus takes it upon herself to ease the pain of as many people as possible with her music. She’s doing her best to stop the seemingly endless war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT. It is unclear if Lacus’s pacifism is fueled by kindness, philosophy, or a sense of morality. But regardless of its source, Lacus has devoted herself to stopping the fighting.

Relationship Status... currently engaged to Athrun Zala. This is mostly a political arrangement, as Athrun’s father is head of the National Defense Committee. Their relationship does seem caring, as Athrun gives her many gifts, which she adores, but Athrun has trouble managing to make time for her with all of his duties. Her recent chemistry with Kira Yamato might also challenge her engagement with Athrun at some point.

Challenge... getting rid of the “very sad expression” found on both Kira and Athrun’s faces. The two were best friends in childhood. But since “war is full of irony,” they have found themselves on opposite sides of the vicious war. Neither wants to fight each other, but neither can stop fighting – unless Lacus somehow finds a way to stop the conflict and save their friendship.

Personality... honest, cheerful, incredibly kind, and straightforward. Lacus’ acceptance of all people, along with her occasional difficulties with subterfuge, make her seem naive to some. However, she can be quite clever, and even makes an excellent leader when it is called for, although she would probably rather spend her time singing if she could.

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