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True Grit

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Overview… a dedicated Texas Ranger. LaBoeuf has spent the last few months hunting down Tom Chaney, who is wanted on charges of assassinating a Texas state senator. He’s tracked Chaney to Arkansas, where he overhears young Mattie Ross talking about financing an expedition to capture Chaney. LaBoeuf offers to join forces in the hopes of catching the criminal and taking him back to Texas to stand trial.

Personality… capable and determined, but perhaps overly proud. A rough-and-tumble cowboy, LaBoeuf doesn’t take well to having a young girl accompanying him on his manhunt. Yet he makes his best efforts to be polite while in town, which annoys the brusque federal marshal Rooster Cogburn, Mattie’s other companion. Relentless and steadfast, LaBoeuf has been tracking Chaney for a long time and is confident in his ability to apprehend the infamous killer.

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