L.B. Jeffries
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L.B. Jeffries

Rear Window

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About Him

Overview... a photographer temporarily bound to a wheelchair after a leg injury. There’s nothing to do but speculate on what's happening at the apartments across the courtyard by looking at the window. In one of them, though, Jeff (as he’s known to his friends) becomes convinced that the man killed his wife. There's no way of knowing unless he can get inside there. Even a detective can't walk in just anybody's apartment and search it. Resisting his suspicions could save his life. But he’s seen things through that window!

Personality... paranoid, curious, and stubborn. Everyone he’s confided in is convinced he’s crazy. He can’t believe no one else can see it! Morons have committed murder so shrewdly that it took a hundred trained police minds to catch them, but no one suspects that a salesman (like his neighbor) could get fed up, kill his wife and store her body in his apartment. Still, it’s a thousand-to-one shot. Then again, if Jeff is really right, the murderous neighbor could be a real danger to him, too.

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