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Rachel Getting Married

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About Her

Living… in rehab. Kym is not particularly happy about her situation but she is due for release soon. Her sister Rachel is getting married, and the whole family is getting together for the occasion. 

Visiting… home, not-so-sweet home. Sure, it’s way better than being stuck in rehab, but the constant monitoring and latent family tension is getting to her. While it is nice to catch up with Rachel and spend time with her dad, Kym feels stifled: “Everyone in the house is looking at me like I’m a visiting sociopath. I mean, seriously, what do you expect me to do? Burn the house down?”

Profession… patient. Kym is in recovery, and she never lets anyone forget it. Take, for example, the timing of Kym's attempt to make amends for her past actions – at the rehearsal dinner for her sister's wedding.

Interests… smoking and attending NA meetings. Between drags of cigarettes and fights with her family, Kym finds time to go to Narcotics Anonymous. She enjoys hearing others’ recovery stories.

Relationship Status… single, but she’s pretty intrigued by Kieran, a fellow Narcotics Anonymous attendee and the best man at Rachel’s wedding. It’s the classic case of best man getting together with the maid of honor – only, Rachel would never make her sister the maid of honor.

Challenge… staying sane. Family may be family, but sometimes, the people you love most are the ones that drive you the craziest. It’s certainly the case for Kym, who feels constantly judged and mistreated by her sister and father: “You people are my family. You make me feel like shit one hundred times a day.”

Personality… mercurial, attention-starved, and sensitive. Kym gets angry when she is watched and even angrier when she is overlooked. But while she's abrasive at the best of times, Kym doesn't mean to hurt others: she's insecure, and hot-tempered, but Kym's not a sociopath and she does feel regret for her past actions.

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