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Kyle Trager

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Living… with a foster family, the Tragers. Local police found Kyle naked in the woods, mute and with no memory of how he got there. Psychologist Nicole Trager was assigned to his case, and to her amazement discovered that he didn’t know anything – how to eat, speak, or even use the bathroom. Since he had no one else, Nicole decided to take him into her home.

Profession… student. Under the guidance of the Tragers, Kyle is slowly learning how to act as a regular sixteen year-old high school boy. He appears to be a super-genius, able to calculate anything and create a perfect snapshot with crayons, but he also doesn’t know who the president is. He'd like to try this "school" thing out, but the administration has been resistant so far.

Relationship Status… in love with next-door neighbor, Amanda. Kyle had never heard music before, and when he heard her playing the piano, he snuck into her house just to be closer. Creepy for anyone else, but for Kyle, it was just genuine fascination. With luck, Amanda will understand.

Challenge… getting along in regular society. Beyond learning how to do everything that most people learn from the ages of zero to five, Kyle also has to figure out why he’s so different. He has near-perfect physical and mental abilities – and he doesn’t have a bellybutton. Where did he come from? He only has snippets of memory to piece together. And he’s not the only one interested in his unusual qualities – there’s that strange security guy who’s always hanging around the neighborhood…

Personality… sweet and innocent but incredibly brilliant. Kyle’s disarming smile was one of the things that convinced Nicole to take care of him. Kyle wants to learn everything he can, and he can't bear to hurt people. However, Kyle knows that the mystery that surrounds him might bring harm to his new family – his worst fear.

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