The Name of the Wind

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Grew up… with the Edema Ruh, a group of traveling performers. His parents taught him acting and music, and a scholar with the group taught him “sympathy,” a kind of magic. Kvothe was happy, until the mysterious and sinister Chandrian group burned his troupe to death, leaving only him alive. Severely traumatized, he lived on the streets for several years.

Living… at the University, the premier magical school in the country. Kvothe is determined to do well and finally learn how to call the wind, something he saw once which made a huge impression. However, he has to survive not only the classes, but the scorn of the rich students.

Profession… student and musician. Most of the other students just focus on their studies, but Kvothe has no money whatsoever. He ends up winning a spot at a tavern famous for its musical performances, and now he supports himself by playing the lute.

Interests… music. Kvothe burns with ambition when it comes to magic, and he’s traumatized by the loss of his family. But when he plays his lute, he feels things coming together peacefully.

Relationship Status… single. Kvothe is interested in a girl he met on the road, but she keeps disappearing every time he tries to find her. Maybe she’s not interested – or maybe she’s got secrets.

Challenge… staying at the University, paying his debts, and finding out something about the Chandrian. No one will even talk about them, but Kvothe is determined to find them and kill them for what they did to his family. In order to have any chance at that, he better get good at magic fast.

Personality… outgoing and brilliant. Kvothe has always been a natural performer. He picks up skills easily, and realizes that his best path to success might be through his reputation. So he spreads rumors about himself, building himself into a legend. He can be rash and impulsive, and isn’t careful with his own health, liable to work until exhaustion. The Edema Ruh are marginalized members of society, but Kvothe is proud to be one of them, and refuses to bow to people he doesn’t respect.

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