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Kurt Buckman

Horrible Bosses

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About Him

Living… in a well-furnished bachelor pad. Kurt has no interest in living with anyone else – he loves the freedom of being a single man.

Profession… accountant at the Pellitt Chemical Company. Kurt used to love his job, Jack Pellitt was a great boss, and struck up a fatherly relationship with Kurt. Unfortunately, everything changed when Jack had a heart attack and passed away. Now the company is in the hands of Bobby Pellitt, Jack’s unpredictable, narcissistic, and cocaine-addicted son. Bobby seems destined to drive Kurt’s beloved workplace into the ground, issuing Kurt ridiculous orders like “fire all the fat people.”

Interests… sex. Kurt is a capable ladies man and likes nothing more than convincing attractive women to come home with him. Apart from that he likes to hang out and complain about work with his childhood friends, Dale Arbus and Nick Hendricks.

Relationship status… single, although Kurt rarely has to sleep alone.

Challenge… killing Bobby Pellitt before he runs the company into the ground. After night after night of complaining about what it’s like to live under their respective horrible bosses, Kurt and his friends agree to a crazy plan: murdering each other’s bosses. Unsure of how to proceed, Kurt takes to Craigslist and enlists the services of “Motherf-cker Jones,” a recently paroled criminal who becomes their “murder consultant.” The three law-abiding friends prove to be less than perfect killers, and soon find their harebrained scheme spiraling out of control.

Personality… charismatic everyman. Kurt radiates a basic sense of decency that, when combined with his sense of humor, gives him the ability to make fast friends with just about anyone. Within his group of friends he something of a leader and is usually the first to propose plans. However, he often fails to think things through, which is particularly troublesome when it comes time to plan a murder.

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