Kurisu Makise

Kurisu Makise


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as a childhood prodigy. Before turning 18 she had already been given many awards for her papers and contribution to the scientific community. Unfortunately her childhood genius seems to have strained her family life somewhat, and she has left her parents behind in Japan.

Living... in America, where she moved to further her research. Kurisu misses many things about her home back in Japan, but her priority has always been science, so she will live wherever she can discover the most.

Visiting... the “future gadget research laboratory” in the Akihabara district of Tokyo. After coming back to Japan for a seminar, Kurisu ran into the self-proclaimed mad scientist Rintarou Okabe – who for some reason prefers to be called Hououin Kyouma – and is currently visiting his “laboratory.” Since this lab is actually just a small rented room, his working conditions don’t meet her normal standards. But the experiments on time travel he is doing there have grabbed her interest.

Profession... genius scientist. Kurisu’s most recent work has been in quantifying human cognition and memory, but she has a wide breadth of scientific knowledge, especially in physics.

Interests... discovering new things. In her own words, “If I see a possibility, I have to investigate it.” Sometimes this love of research takes her too far, and she deeply regrets some of the bridges she has accidently burned while pursuing new ideas. But her love of science surpasses all other things.

Relationship Status... single. And she definitely isn’t attracted to that “jerk” Rintarou Okabe. O.K., “sometimes” he can be a “good guy,” and she appreciates how welcoming he can be even though he has to put on an act to talk to her. But attracted to him? Of course not!

Challenge... learning how the fake scientist Rintarou has somehow managed to discover time travel. Kurisu will have to deal with the possibility of making and losing friends along the way. But it’s for the sake of science, and Kurisu will persevere no matter how deep into the dark secrets of the world she finds herself.

Personality... “proud and nosy” at first, but also “kind and honest.” Kurisu may not have a false identity to hide behind like Rintarou does, but she certainly conceals any softness behind a wall of sharp words and wit. Still, her love of science can sometimes lead her to lower her guard, and she does want to be closer to people; she’s just afraid she could get hurt again.


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