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About Him

Grew Up... as an indentured servant. Kuiil worked hard for his entire life to earn freedom. 

Living... alone in a small home. His freedom allowed him a choice of homes, and he picked a secluded and peaceful planet. At least, it used to be. Violence erupted when the mercenaries arrived. 

Profession... farmer. Being a farmer is never an easy job, but it’s especially challenging on a dry planet with very little water. 

Interests... riding Blurrgs, which are large, but quick, creatures that allow him to traverse to otherwise unreachable parts of the planet.

Relationship status... single. Relationships don’t appear to be of any interest to Kuiil. He lives alone and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Challenge... helping The Mandalorian. When The Mandalorian shows up at his home, Kuiil is quick to help, guiding him to the mercenaries with the hope that The Mandalorian will finally bring peace to the planet. As Kuiil says, “None will be free until the old ways are gone forever.”

Personality... decisive, stoic, and wise. Kuiil is not one to speak often, which may be why he gets along with the quiet Mandalorian. However, when Kuiil does speak, his words are decidedly profound. He is strategic and rarely changes his mind. 

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