Kristina Braverman
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Kristina Braverman


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Living... in Berkeley, close to her husband Adam’s parents, raising their two kids, Max and Haddie. The ten-year age difference between her kids makes for a busy, hectic household but she runs a tight ship.

Profession... full-time mom and advocate for her son Max. Kristina used to be a successful campaign manager, but has since left the position to raise her family. The Bravermans recently learned that Max has Asperger’s, which makes it difficult for him to have normal social interactions. She dives into research immediately to get him extracurricular help and fair treatment in school.

Interests… her family. Kristina is so busy with her kids that her main interest is getting to the weekend with her head above water. Even better would be a spa getaway or weekend trip with Adam, but with Haddie’s growing rebellious independence and Max’s fear of breaking routine, it could be a while.

Relationship Status... happily married to Adam, though it can be difficult living with him in the Braverman bubble. Everybody thinks they know best – especially when it comes to Max. But the Braverman siblings haven’t researched as much about Asperger’s as she did, and she’s close enough with them by now to shut them down when she has to.

Challenge... dealing with her hectic family life. Haddie’s getting old enough to sneak out and drink with her cousin Amber; Max is old enough to realize he’s different from the other kids in school. They’re equally difficult problems that could easily take up all her time. Her challenge is juggling all that while trying to maybe go back to work and accomplish something for herself.

Personality... caring and thoughtful, but tough and no-nonsense when it’s called for. She is the soccer mom to rule all soccer moms, so don’t tell her how to raise her kids. She will fiercely defend her kids, sometimes will a snappy comeback: “You think you can get along with your Justin Bieber hairdo and your Invisalign braces? Well guess what? Puberty is going to set in and it's going to set in ugly...Be a friend. Be a friend, not a bully. Have a good day!” Plus, being a former campaign manager has given her excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills needed to keep up with each family crisis that comes her way.

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