Korben Dallas
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Korben Dallas

The Fifth Element

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About Him

Living… alone in his apartment in the year 2263. Korben’s middle-aged, but he’s still trying to turn over a new leaf and embrace the quiet life he’s never had.

Profession… taxi cab driver and former Special Forces operative. Korben shas pent most of his life working for the Federated Territories as a special agent, but left the force six months ago to live the “simpler” life of a cab driver. His new quiet life is interrupted when a heavily bandaged woman named Leeloo crashes through the roof of his cab. Before Korben knows it he’s fighting for the survival of the human race.

Relationship Status… single. While Korben is brave, competent, and strong, he’s not exactly the smoothest operator. His crude and blunt nature hasn’t done him any favors when it comes to seducing the fairer sex, and most of his romances end quickly. Still, while he’s old he’s not out of the game – and he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t attracted to the mysterious Leeloo.

Challenge… defeating the Great Evil. Every 5,000 years the Great Evil (which takes the form of a giant orb of darkness) awakens and lumbers across the solar system, intent on destroying all life it finds. It can only be stopped through the union of the five elements – fire, water, air, earth, and humanity – as all other weapons are useless. For all of human history an extraterrestrial species known as the Mondoshawan have guarded earth, but the Mondoshawan ship of protectors was destroyed en route to earth, leaving humans to fend for themselves. Fortunately for the human race, a single piece of cargo survived the destruction of the Mondowshawan ship: a mysterious and naïve human named Leeloo who was engineered to operate as the fifth element, humanity. Korben was expecting to retire from the world-saving business, but when Leeloo comes crashing through the roof of his cab he has no choice but to get involved. Now he has to keep Leeloo safe and recover the four elemental stones before the Great Evil’s top henchman, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg, gets his hands on them.

Personality… straightforward, tough, and brave. Korben’s spent a lifetime facing danger and has developed a gruff detachment that allows him to face death with merely a mild complaint or, better yet, a quip. He doesn’t seek the spotlight that comes with being a hero, but often finds himself playing the role out of necessity. After a lifetime of adventures and violence he’s ready to settle down and enjoy the quiet life – but the universe isn’t quite done needing him yet.

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