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Kono Kalakaua

Hawaii Five-O

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About Her

Overview: Hawaii native and former professional surfer until an injury put her out to pasture. She decided to follow in the steps of her cousin Chin Ho and become a cop with the Honolulu Police Department. When Chin Ho gets kicked out of the department, she is one of two people who believe he’s not guilty. Now, Steve McGarrett has put together a team called Hawaii Five-0, a new law enforcement team that answers only to the governor. On Chin Ho’s recommendation, Kono is recruited. She’s the youngest member and the only woman, but she is a valuable member, completely fearless.

Personality: lively, athletic, and funny. Kono still enjoys surfing, and she has a lot of energy. She jokes with her coworkers, and is up for anything. She is also extremely loyal, and doesn’t forgive herself easily when she makes mistakes. Because she’s still learning, she does occasionally mess up, but she is a capable cop, and her fellow Hawaii Five-0 members believe in her.

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Kono Kalakaua
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