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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

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Overview... a powerful ape with a deep hatred of humans. Koba is the second in command of a human-free colony established by hyper-intelligent apes. He serves alongside his best friend Caesar, although the two often disagree on the best course of action. While Caesar has empathy for the humans who once experimented on him, Koba believes mankind is a dangerous threat that must be stopped. He sees apes as the superior race and would prefer to wipe out a weakened group of humans before they can regain their strength.

Personality... vengeful, bitter, and distrustful. Koba’s anger stems from a lifetime of abuse at the hands of humans. He’s too cynical to see a human-ape peace as a real option and feels the apes who are pushing for co-existence are dangerous and delusional. Since Koba’s goal is to protect his community, he believes any means – even violence against other apes – is justified.

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