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Kirsten Cohen

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Grew up… in Newport Beach, Calif. Kirsten’s family was considered Orange County royalty while she was growing up, but things aren’t always as perfect as they seem from the outside. She once accused her powerful father of making family life difficult: “Why do you think mom drank the way she did? Why do you think [her sister] Hailey left the house at 17?”

Living… in a much happier family than the one she grew up in. Kirsten lives in her hometown with husband Sandy and their son Seth. She prides herself on being the perfect working mom.

Profession… CFO at The Newport Group. Kirsten may resent her father, but she doesn’t mind working for his powerful real estate conglomerate. Kirsten is known for being a bit of a workaholic, a trait that her more down-to-earth husband, Sandy, is good at balancing out.

Relationship Status… happily married. Kirsten likes to joke that she only married Sandy because she “was young, impressionable and drunk.” The truth is that they have the happiest marriage in the city of Newport.

Challenge… overcoming her reluctance to welcome her new long-term houseguest, Ryan Atwood, an alleged thief from Chino, Calif. Kirsten understands that Ryan is in a difficult situation, but she is not as willing to bring him into her home as her husband and son are. But once Ryan is there, Kirsten’s unquestioned maternal skills kick in.

Personality… kind, but tough and strict. Kirsten is an all-around good mother, despite her inability to cook a decent meal (“I have my secret recipe. It’s takeout”). She knows that she’s lucky to have such a loving family, especially in the materialistic and shallow environment of Newport Beach. She’ll do anything she can to keep her family together.

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