Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Dream Land on Planet Popstar. It’s a magical and peaceful place, full of rainbows, sunshine, and smiles.

Profession… hero of Dream Land. Kirby’s soft, squishy body is extremely malleable, allowing him to suck in air, swallow large objects, and float. His powers give him all the heroic skills he needs to protect his home from evil.

Interests… eating, sleeping, and singing. When he’s not saving his world, you’ll usually find Kirby snoozing in the grass or eating up his favorite foods, Maxim Tomatoes and watermelons.

Relationship Status… single. Kirby is probably too busy protecting his world from its next big threat to worry about love, but maybe there’s someone out there for him.

Challenge… stopping the dictator King Dedede from stealing all the food and Sparkling Stars in Dream Land. Given Kirby’s love of food, he takes personal offense when King Dedede begins to terrorize the citizens of Dream Land.

Personality… upbeat, innocent, and friendly. Kirby is a playful and fun-loving little guy, who loves to meet new people. He’s extremely helpful and courageous, often risking his life to save his entire planet on his own. Kirby always has a smile on his face, especially if there is some delicious food nearby.


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