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Kira Yamnato

Mobile Suit Gundam Series

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About Him

Grew Up... as a “Coordinator,” a human who has been genetically modified to deal with the challenges of living in space. These days, there’s hatred and bloodshed between Coordinators, who live in space colonies called PLANTs; and Naturals, who live on Earth. But both of Kira’s parents are Naturals, so he doesn’t subscribe to that hatred. It has still affected him, though, as it has separated him from his childhood best friend, Athrun Zala.

Living... on the space colony Heliopolis. The military organization that protects the PLANTS, ZAFT, has begun a war against the Naturals on Earth. Kira and his parents have fled the PLANTs to avoid the vicious war and have taken refuge on the Heliopolis, which is controlled by the supposedly neutral nation Orb.

Visiting... a whole new world of emotional turmoil aboard the Earth Alliance ship, Archangel. After ZAFT forces discovered Heliopolis was developing weapons known as mobile suits for the Earth Alliance, they attacked. A twist of fate found Kira in the cockpit of the mobile suit “Strike,” fighting for his life and the lives of his friends. As if this wasn’t stressful enough for the pacifist Kira, one of the ZAFT soldiers who attacked Heliopolis was none other than his old friend Athrun, making it even harder for Kira to fight.

Profession... college student, and defiantly “not a soldier or anything.” Despite being the only one capable of piloting the Strike, Kira does so only because “it can’t be helped,” and dislikes the idea that it is his machine – even though he completely rewrote its operating system.

Interests... academics and his friends. As a coordinator, Kira excels at academia, but his true specialty is with computer systems, a field in which even his professors ask him for help. Above all, though, Kira treasures his friendships, which are incredibly strong.

Relationship Status... crushing on an underclassman named Flay, although he won’t admit to it. Unfortunately for him Flay is prejudiced against Coordinators, and is already being courted by their mutual friend Sai. As if one love triangle wasn’t enough, Kira also has a great deal of chemistry with the beautiful Lacus Clyne, but Lacus happens to already be engaged – to Athrun, of all people.

Challenge... keeping his friends alive while keeping himself sane. Beyond that, he must deal with the fact that his friend Athrun is now one of the enemy. Kira has already come into conflict with Athrun, and since “war is full of irony” it is likely the friends will cross swords many times.

Personality... “brilliant, but also absent-minded and good-natured.” At least that’s how Athrun describes him. Good-natured” doesn’t quite capture Kira’s selflessness, though, as Kira values helping people more than anything else, including his own life. Even under the stress of war, Kira strives to find a path to do the right thing that hurts the fewest people. But he is only human, even if genetically modified, and if the pressures on him don’t let up, he might eventually snap.

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