King Zøg

King Zøg


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Dreamland, as a Prince. His brother, Yog, was heir to the throne until he was mysteriously poisoned. Zøg married Dagmar when he became King and had Bean as a child. Unfortunately, his wife Dagmar died from poisoning in a similar fashion as his brother did.

Living… in Dreamland alongside his wife Oona, their son Derek, and his daughter Bean. Zøg controls the kingdom and is responsible for the kingdom's relations with other civilizations. 

Profession... King of Dreamland. Zøg calls most of the shots. He goes around yelling for things to be completed, and he berates anyone who doesn’t meet his high standards. When someone disappoints him, he orders them to be stabbed. And he thinks the elf blood that was recently shed could be the key to his wildest dreams.

Challenge... missing his first wife. After witnessing Dagmar die from poisoning, Zøg spends the rest of his time desperately finding a way to resurrect her.

Personality… irritable, demanding, and ambitious. Zøg can get hotheaded very quickly. He doesn’t like to be mocked and gets his points across by screaming. And he has high demands of everyone in his life—especially Bean. In his own words, Zøg describes himself: “Selfish? Maybe. But cruel? Ah, also maybe.”


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