King Louis XIV
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King Louis XIV

The Man in the Iron Mask

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About Him

Living… in France, the greatest kingdom on earth. As the King of France, he’s recently decreed a fresh glory for Paris, and for all of the country – the laying of the foundations to expand Versailles, and make it truly a palace of the sun. But the people of Paris don’t seem to be impressed. Hungry and poor, they are rioting on the streets.

Profession… King of France, currently planning his domination of Europe. He’s ordered his soldier and “Musketeer” Aramis to discover the identity of the Governor General of Jesuits and kill him. As their English rivals have left the Catholic Church, the King struck up a plan to dominate the whole of Europe by uniting Church and State and making himself head of both. He has already picked the Pope. Only the Jesuits, who put God above throne or papacy, stand in his way.

Interests… himself, of course!

Relationship Status… in progress. The beautiful Christine has caught his eye. As he says to her, “Of all the wonders I have seen, I've never looked upon anything as beautiful as you.” She is engaged to a young man named Raoul, but the King has a solution to that. He has sent Raoul off to war to make sure he gets killed in battle.

Challenge… guarding his throne against an imposter, a man in the iron mask who has arisen from the dungeon the King put him in so many years ago. The man in the mask says his name is Phillippe and is the King’s brother, but the King insists his story is false. The Three Musketeers – once the pride of his kingdom – have aligned with Phillippe and have become merciful cowards. King Louis believes that they must all be done away with for it is God's will. He wants Phillippe back in his prison cell and the Musketeers executed before his eyes. Only then will King Louis be satisfied.

Personality… charming when he wants to be, but also selfish and spoiled. King Louis has clearly abused his power and no longer has the supporters he used to have. It’s not hard to understand why the Musketeers would not take his side.

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