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Kima Greggs

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About Her

Living… with her girlfriend, Cheryl, in the Mount Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore. Cheryl, a broadcast journalist, has encouraged Kima to study for a law degree at night. Cheryl is a doting partner who shows lots of affection, and Kima doesn’t always reciprocate. She’s not much for showing emotion.

Profession… Baltimore city cop. Kima has overcome the institutional sexism of the Baltimore PD and gained the respect of her male co-workers with her tough demeanor and talent as a detective. She is particularly skilled in coaxing information out of informants. As a part of the investigation of drug kingpin Avon Barksdale, she kindles a friendship with Bubbles the friendly heroin addict, who becomes her eyes and ears. She is even able to extract critical information out of the elusive stick-up man Omar Little.

Interests… working; working nights; working weekends. Yes, Kima is a workaholic. When she gets in the zone, it’s hard to pull her away. 

Relationship Status… living with her partner Cheryl. Cheryl wants Kima out of harm’s way so that they can start a family together. But as much as she loves Cheryl, Kima doesn’t want a quiet life. She airs her complaints to her fellow detective Jimmy McNulty: “How come they know you're police when they hook up with you. And they know you're police when they move in. And they know you're police when they decide to start a family with you. And all that is just fine, until one day it ain't no more. One day, it's ‘You should have a regular job,’ and, ‘You need to be home at five o'clock.’” 

Challenge… working a desk job, for now. Kima hates deskwork. She’s too restless for the quiet office. As she laments, “I still got too much dog in me to be settled like that.” 

Personality…fearless, strong and determined. Kima always has a look of raw intensity on her face. She’s truly been cut from steel. Though aside from her gun, she sometimes wields another weapon: her smile. Yes, Kima can melt hearts when she needs to. Still, she is reluctant to show that side of herself.  

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