Edward Scissorhands
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in a perfect, sunny, suburban neighborhood. In fact, the place was so perfect it never even snowed until Edward showed up.

Living… with a recent addition to the family, Edward– a mysterious man with scissors for hands. Kim’s mother, Peg, brought the lonely Edward into their family home and did her best to make him feel comfortable. Kim, though, isn’t sure what to think about this odd stranger.

Profession… high school senior. Kim and her boyfriend are one of the most glamorous couples in the school.

Relationship Status… dating a local boy named Jim. “You can’t make Jim do anything,” she says about her headstrong, possessive boyfriend.

Challenge… learning to accept Edward’s love. Kim knows that Edward would do anything for her, but refuses to give him an opportunity.

Personality… angsty, sullen and afraid. Kim is fed up with her family, her neighborhood, and her way of life. Like any teenager, she wants to find a way out of her dull suburban existence.


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