Kim Kitsuragi

Kim Kitsuragi

    Disco Elysium

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… orphaned by a violent revolution that, even though it failed, completely changed the power structure of the world.

Living… in Revachol, a city devastated by the unsuccessful revolution and uncaring powers-that-be. Once the capital of the world, decades of incompetent rulers and sectarian violence have made West Revachol in particular a dangerous place to be.

Profession… lieutenant in the Revachol Citizen’s Militia, the closest thing Revachol has to a police force. Kim works in Criminal Investigation.

Interests… cars and rap. He’s incredibly proud of his souped-up police car, which he insists is for work purposes, but he will try to conceal from others that the radio station in the car is preset to “Speedfreaks”, whose DJs claim plays the nastiest rap available in Revachol. He’s also an amateur photographer.

Relationship Status… single, although he plays his cards pretty close to his chest, so it would be hard to tell if he was interested in someone.

Challenge… solving a murder before Revachol explodes into violence again. Amid a strike by the Union that controls most of West Revachol, a mercenary has been murdered, union workers have been accused of doing it, and while case is investigated, tensions are rising to a breaking point. On top of that, Kim has to solve the case with Harry DuBois, a cop whose once excellent reputation has been ruined by his severe alcoholism.

Personality… thoughtful, careful, and laconic. Kim isn’t the sort to talk if there’s nothing to say, though he has a dry sense of humor that emerges at unexpected times. He’s responsible and not given to wasting time, but he also is willing to humor his partner’s hunches, and will always say yes to the scene, even if he’s irritated about it. Kim is highly disciplined, and has come to terms with the difficulties of his job, but also nurtures a small idealistic streak.


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