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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... out his every whim and desire by using his unique powers of mind-control. Anyone who hears his voice obeys him, so he has to be careful with his words. Harmless colloquialisms can be quite deadly coming out of his mouth.

Profession... bon vivant and terrifying socialite. Who needs a job when you can enter a high stakes poker game and simply ask the other players to fold?

Interests… fine Italian cuisine, tailored purple suits, and making people do exactly as he says.

Relationship Status...  single and obsessed with Jessica Jones. He was believed dead and Jessica escaped the stronghold he had on her actions. Now he has returned to New York City, with a new girlfriend who he’s abusing. Really, her only purpose for him is as a tool to bring Jessica closer. He’s going to do things right this time.

Challenge... winning back Jessica. All his life he’s been able to control peoples’ actions just by speaking to them. But he wants to know what it’s really like to have someone love him… and have it be their choice. So he’ll use his powers for what he considers good. He’ll make the people around him obey his every word so that he can recreate Jessica’s childhood home exactly. She won’t be creeped out by that, right?                                                                                                   

Personality... controlling, obsessive, insecure, and selfish. He’s never had to compromise or express any sort of empathy. His powers skewed his morality to the point where he doesn’t bat an eye at asking someone to slit their own throat. People are expendable to him – all people except Jessica. That’s where the obsessiveness comes in. A controlling, abusive boyfriend is especially scary when you literally can’t say no.


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