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Seven Samurai

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Grew Up… son of a nobleman. At least, that’s what his dubious birth certificate says, allowing him to technically be classified as a samurai. However, for someone of such high birth, he empathizes strongly with the poor farmers and peasants who struggle to survive. He points out to a group of other samurai: “But then who made [farmers] such beasts? You did! You samurai did it! You burn their villages! Destroy their farms! Steal their food! Force them to labor! Take their women! And kill them if they resist! So what should farmers do?”

Living… in 16th century Japan. Kikuchiyo roams the city outskirts amongst the merchants and businessmen.

Profession… ronin, or masterless samurai. Kikuchiyo claims the title of samurai and hopes to be employed as a noble fighter for any master willing to pay him. Unfortunately, due to his questionable credentials, he hasn’t found much demand for his services.

Interests… fighting and training, even when he doesn’t have a particular objective. Kikuchiyo’s only interest is the way of the samurai, and he commits to it absolutely.

Relationship Status… single. Kikuchiyo leads a totally solitary lifestyle. One cannot have attachments, since the life of a ronin involves going wherever a master pays him to go.

Challenge… finding a place to belong. Not recognized by other samurai as a valid peer, Kikuchiyo struggles to both find employment and acceptance as a true warrior. When the opportunity to defend a village from bandits arises, he eagerly lends his service in an attempt to prove himself. In fact, he wasn’t even asked to help, but he does so anyway.

Personality… stubborn and passionate, perhaps to a fault. Kikuchiyo will not relent in his quest to become a respected samurai, even if others consider his attempt a joke. This single goal drives everything he does. Kikuchiyo also has a deep well of personal experiences, imbuing him with a certain amount of wisdom and empathy. His quick temper still gets him into trouble, though, and he tends to plunge into dangerous situations without fully thinking through the possible consequences. 

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