Kiki Harrison
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Kiki Harrison

America's Sweethearts

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About Her

Grew up… in her sister’s shadow. Kiki was always her glamorous sister’s plump little sidekick, even in the days before Gwen became the famous movie star that she is now.

Living… “high school all over again” is how she puts it. Kiki’s life hasn’t changed much since her teenage years — she still follows her sister’s every order. In fact, now it’s her job to do so. “I love everything about her!” she says sarcastically. 

Profession… personal assistant to her sister. Gwen Harrison is now a world-famous actress and fussy, spoiled celebrity. It’s Kiki’s job to make sure that Gwen gets everything she wants or needs. 

Interests… food. Kiki had always been the chubby one in the Harrison family, but after she worked hard to lose a lot of weight she’s been getting a bit more male attention — even from Kiki’s famous ex-boyfriend, Eddie. 

Relationship Status… falling fast for Eddie Thomas. Gwen and Eddie were once known as “America’s Sweethearts,” Hollywood’s most beloved couple. Now, Kiki finds herself in an awkward position: she is working for her sister while falling for her former love. 

Challenge… finding a way to stand up for herself and convince Eddie that they’re right for each other. Kiki knows that Eddie is still “technically” hung-up on the self-centered Gwen — she just needs to show him the truth about her sister.

Personality… generous, caring, yet fed-up with her sister’s antics. The kind Kiki is tired of being so kind to her spoiled sister. Gwen doesn’t realize how good she has it, and it’s time for Kiki to have a life of her own.

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