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Living… on Staten Island with his single father. Dave’s mother died from an aneurysm when he was 14. It was then that Dave resigned himself to unhappiness; that he will always be a nobody: socially awkward, unfunny, and unathletic,

Profession… high schooler. Dave spends much of his free time at the comic book store with his two friends Todd and Marty. Bored and fed up with the state of his life, Dave buys a green diving suit off the internet and decides to become a superhero: Kick-Ass. With no superpowers or even martial arts training, Kick-Ass patrols the street, armed with two batons, eager to dole out vigilante justice to wrongdoers. One night, a group of bystanders film him defending a man from a group of bloodthirsty thugs, and their videos turn Kick-Ass into an overnight internet sensation.  

Interests… comic books, especially Spider-Man; the TV show Lost.

Relationship Status… in love with classmate Katie Deuxma. She hardly pays him any attention, until a rumor circulates that Dave is gay and she asks him out to coffee. Dave is thrilled to be Katie’s gay best friend because it allows him to get closer to her. Although he’s not quite sure how to reveal his true sexuality without completely destroying their relationship.

Challenge… being a real superhero. As Kick-Ass, Dave demonstrates a lot of heart, but little else. Confronted with real-life gangsters and outclassed by his superhero allies Hit-Girl and Big-Daddy, who are much more skilled and willing to kill, Dave must decide whether not this superhero business is worth the very real risk of getting brutally murdered.

Personality… though quite friendly, amicable and caring, Dave doesn’t have the sort of accomplishments or abilities that would jump out at a college admissions officer. He interprets his own mediocrity as a call to action: “With no power comes no responsibility,” he says, “except that wasn’t true.” Brave, driven, and determined to make the world a more Kick-Ass place, Dave’s heroic inner-qualities are more remarkable than he realizes.


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