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Kevin Rayburn


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About Him

Living… la vida isla, or “the island life.” The third child of the locally prominent Rayburn family, Kevin was born and raised in the Florida Keys, and as his dad says, his “love of the sea and life and 3 o clock cocktail kept him here.” Short sleeve button ups are all he’s ever known.

Profession… marina worker. Kevin refurbishes boats for a living, down at the Indian Key Channel Marina.

Interests… partying. Kevin may be deep into his 30s, but he still loves nothing better than drinking himself into a joyous stupor and getting down on the sandy dance floor that is the beach.

Relationship Status… in a failing marriage. Belle thinks he’s “too social, too loud, drinks too much, not ready to be a father,” and she’s not wrong. Divorce does not happen in the Rayburn family, though, and he’s yet to break the news of their struggled to his parents. And so he still maintains normal outward appearances with Belle, nuzzling up to her with outward displays of affection, before going back to the boatyard to sleep in his office.

Challenge… handling the return of his eldest brother Danny, the family outcast. Danny says he wants to help out with the family hotel business, turn over a new leaf, reform his debauched ways and enter a new chapter in his life. Kevin, however, is heavily suspicious of his brother’s motives, and he is not afraid to vocalize his opinion that Danny should not be allowed back into the fold.

Personality… gregarious, hot-headed, and affectionate. Kevin is an easy guy to like, a classic “cool uncle” type who greets everyone with a big hug. He has a lot of vitality and is always placing himself in the middle of the action, wherever it may lie. But there are two sides to that coin, as he has a terrible temper and is two seconds away from flying off the handle at any given moment. Like his brothers John and Danny, he has a lot of pent-up rage – and sometimes it’s not especially pent-up.

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