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Kevin Pearson

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Character Analysis

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Grew Up... as one-third of “The Big Three.” Kevin grew up alongside his biological twin sister Kate and his adopted brother Randall. Originally part of a set of triplets, his biological brother died in childbirth. To make their family whole, his parents Jack and Rebecca decided to adopt a baby who had been left at a fire station on the same day. Growing up among siblings who demanded a lot of attention, Kevin often felt invisible.

Living... glumly, in Los Angeles. Although he’s a rich and famous actor, Kevin struggles to find meaning in his life.

Visiting... New York, where he tries to find a fresh start after impulsively quitting his TV job.

Profession... former star of The Manny. Although he originally wanted to be a serious actor, Kevin instead found himself starring on a shallow, long-running comedy called The Manny where heplayed a dim-witted male nanny. Facing an identity crisis on his 36th birthday, he publically quits the show.

Interests... painting, as a technique to help him understand his acting roles; fishing for praise from everyone around him.

Relationship Status... dating (or at least sleeping) around. Kevin is something a playboy and plenty of beautiful women throw themselves at him because of his celebrity status. If he finds the right woman, however, he might consider settling down.

Challenge... re-launching his career. After his public blowup on the set of The Manny, Kevin is desperate to restart his career. So he moves to New York and tries to get a gig as a serious theater actor. The only problem is, Kevin’s Manny persona follows him wherever he goes.

Personality... self-centered, irresponsible, shallow, and less confident than he pretends to be. Hollywood success has inflated Kevin’s ego. He’s used to people fawning over him and it doesn’t occur to him that he should take care of other people too. Yet underneath his celebrity swagger, Kevin’s actually far more insecure than he lets on. Because he felt so invisible in his childhood, he overcompensates by looking for validation from others, especially from his twin sister and best friend Kate. As he tells her, “What did I ever do those first two minutes without you?”


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