Kevin Malone
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Kevin Malone

The Office

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Living… in Scranton, Pa., with his mysterious fiancée Stacey. Kevin is one of the few members of the staff with extended family in Scranton. His sister lives nearby, along with their mother, who’s no longer able to live by herself. It was understood that she’d move in with Kevin’s sister. Even Kevin didn’t expect otherwise.

Profession… accountant for Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. He had initially applied to work in the warehouse, but for some reason branch manager Michael Scott saw something in him and put him in accounts instead. No word yet on whether Michael regrets his decision.

Interests… playing drums in local tribute band “Scrantonicity,” which plays mostly songs by The Police. Kevin has experience in local tribute bands, formerly drumming for “Jokers and Tokers,” a tribute to the Steve Miller Band. Alas, Scrantonicity faces some internal disputes, and Kevin might have to break away and start his own band. The portly Kevin also loves food, especially Cup o’ Noodles and M&Ms, and is a surprisingly excellent poker player who once won a bracelet to compete in the World Series of Poker.

Relationship Status… engaged to Stacey, the fourth woman to whom he proposed and the first to say yes. Kevin openly states that Stacey was his fallback option, but with Kevin, that might be a compliment.

Challenge… keeping his collection of Internet pornography and computer-solitaire habit a secret. Kevin isn’t one to clamor for a raise or promotion, so his main issues are day-to-day office rules. Or more specifically, how to get around such directives: “Rules say I can't bring beer into the office, but they don't say anything about making beer in the office."

Personality… lovably dumb even though he thinks he is a genius. He’s somehow openly perverse yet completely harmless, even sweet. Kevin is charmingly oblivious, even when his cluelessness leads to backhanded compliments to his female co-workers. Nobody seems to mind that much; that’s just Kevin.

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