Kevin MacArthur
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Kevin MacArthur

The League

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About Him

Living... in Winnetka, Ill., with his wife, Jenny; 8-year-old daughter, Ellie; and (later) his infant son, Christopher. Well, technically Christopher’s name is “Chalupa Batman MacArthur.” It’s a long story.

Profession... assistant district attorney. Kevin also functions as his fantasy football league's commissioner, which seems to be where the majority of his time and effort actually go. The league is where he does battle with his friends Pete, Ruxin and Andre; his brother Taco; and before long – to his chagrin – his wife Jenny.

Interests... dominance. Kevin seeks dominance in nearly every aspect of his life. He tries to assert his control in running the league as well as his marriage, but usually to no avail.

Relationship Status... married to Jenny. Most of the complications in their marriage stem from fantasy football. As much as Kevin wants his independence and to separate his home life from his life with his friends, Jenny simply knows fantasy football much better than Kevin. She basically runs his team for him at first, then later decides to start her own team, much to Kevin's chagrin. When she asks him directly, "Do you want me in the league?" Kevin pauses for a long beat, before sputtering, “I love you?" Let’s just say that’s not the answer she was looking for.

Challenge... winning at fantasy football. Kevin is haunted by the fact that despite the immense amount of time and effort he puts into the league, he seems to have the most trouble winning a championship. As he puts it, "Any [jerk] can be a father. I want to be a champion!"

Personality... easily manipulated and passive, getting bossed around by his wife with little complaint. In fact Jenny and Kevin’s best friend Pete even train him to subconsciously follow commands like a dog. When Kevin does take action, it is often misguided. His desire to win the league has spiraled so completely out of control that he traded the “naming rights” for his newborn son to help his standing in the league. (Thus, “Chalupa Batman.”) But it will all be worth it if one day Kevin can hold the fabled “Shiva” trophy aloft as league champion. Won’t it?

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