Kevin Lomax
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Kevin Lomax

The Devil's Advocate

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About Him

Living… in New York City, the modern Babylon. Kevin was a slick, young defense attorney in Gainseville, Florida, who had never lost a case. That’s when John Milton asked him to come to New York to help his swanky law firm pick a jury. All expenses paid, first-class travel and lodging, a lump-sum payment regardless of the verdict. It was too good an offer to refuse. So now Kevin and his wife Mary Ann are in Manhattan, to the disapproval of Mary Ann’s bible-thumping mother.

Profession… defense attorney. After the jury Kevin helped pick delivered a not guilty verdict, Milton upped the ante. He offered Kevin a fat salary and a penthouse apartment to work fulltime at Milton, Chadwick & Waters. Nobody could say no to an offer like that. Now Kevin is defending goat-killers and rich guys accused of murder, like Alex Cullen.

Interests… keeping his rival Barzoon out of his hair. Barzoon is the managing director of the firm, convinced Kevin is out to get him. But bad things seem to be happening to anyone who opposes Kevin. Or is that anyone who opposes Milton?

Relationship Status… married, but it’s a struggle. He never sees Mary Ann anymore. She's got this whole big apartment to fill up, they have all this money and it's supposed to be fun, but it isn't fun for her. Worse yet, she seems to be losing her mind. She keeps seeing demons everywhere, and everyone knows demons aren’t real. Plus Kevin can’t keep his eyes off Christabella, a stunning fellow lawyer.

Challenge… staying afloat in this environment. The ethics of a case haven’t bothered him before; Milton’s confused by the sudden change of heart. As Milton tells him, “They're corporate lawyers, what do you think they're doing? They're busy reducing life and death to the proper position of a semi- colon.” Now that Kevin’s on the slaughterhouse floor, he can't help but smell his clients. Maybe he could turn down Milton’s money and walk away, but Kevin is getting a sense that Milton isn’t the kind of guy who will let him go now that his hooks are in.

Personality… driven, ambitious, and relatively amoral. He’s a workaholic, but it’s less the work he enjoys than the thrill of winning. That's why he can't leave this Cullen case. He’s got a winner here. As soon as he can nail it and seal the victory, he can move on. Then he’ll put all his energy into Mary Ann and his actual life. Surely, it’ll still be there by the time he gets back, right?

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