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Star Trek: Voyager

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Grew Up... on Ocampa, the home planet for the Ocampan race. The typical Ocampan lifespan is only nine years which means that, at the age of 2, Kes resembles a young adult female of the human species. On Ocampa, Kes and her people were surviving underground after a traumatic event ages ago rendered their planet’s surface uninhabitable. A mysterious “caretaker” provided her people with everything they needed to survive. This was too much mystery (and complacency) for Kes, who consistently challenged the natural order of her people and strived to dream bigger than just getting by.

Living... as a guest on the Starfleet vessel Voyager. Kes, and her Talaxian friend Neelix, both joined Voyager on the same day that it was catapulted into the Delta quadrant. Aboard Voyager, Kes has found a higher calling. Leaving her home planet behind in search of the unknown is just the beginning of her journey. Her interpersonal skills are high. She is a great listener, and will find her place aboard the ship.

Profession... varied. Kes and Neelix have both found duties outside of the traditional command structure, as neither of them have ever been to Starfleet – or even the Alpha Quadrant! Kes has found a calling in assisting the holographic doctor aboard Voyager and has taken to training herself on the crew’s anatomy. She also oversees the ship’s airponics bay, growing natural plant life for crew sustenance in the harsh environment of space, where rations are – at times – dangerously hard to come by.

Interests... Kes has long believed that her people, the Ocampa, were capable of feats far greater than they were able to realize while living on their home world. The Ocampa possess telepathic abilities that they were not able or allowed to properly understand by their society. Now free from restraint, and with the encouragement of Captain Janeway and tutelage of the Vulcan tactical officer, Tuvok, Kes is free to pursue her potential.

Relationship Status… it’s complicated. She shares a very close bond with Neelix, the Talaxian whose botched rescue attempt with the assistance of the Voyager crew nevertheless resulted in her pursuing life among the stars. She feels kinship with Neelix, a fellow outsider, and the two are very close. However, she is still quite young (2 years old) and not yet ready to entertain the idea of romance.

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